Morning Brew: : Tree Fruit Pest Management Conversations via Zoom. Monday, 6AM

MB Zoom Meeting : June 3rd, 2024

1st Generation larva in late June
(Photo Credit: P. Jentsch – PomaTech Inc.)

Join in or simply listen to whats ahead for the coming week.


-Recent weather, forecasts, tree & fruit phenology
-Application windows, pest management scouting, models for predicting management.

Secondary Apple Scab, Fireblight, Mildew, Black rot inoculum….

-Insect insect life stages & management
* Fruit Injury: Spongy Moth, European Apple Sawfly, Plum Curculio & Tarnished Plant Bug at 1-2C
* Upcoming Pests: : Codling Moth egg laying and emergence, Green Apple Aphid, Obliquebanded Leafroller
* Black Stem Borer: Seasonal presence
* Dogwood Borer: Emergence of adults and egg laying
* European Red Mite emergence

NEWA degree day forecasting & insect / disease modeling, infection events

Pest Management Options

Beginning Steps…
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Meeting ID: 459 249 0857

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Important…The meeting link may change every week as needed. Link on the most updated weekly email blog invitation.

1. Let’s cover the basics of the days agenda, then open the floor for conversation.

2. All microphones will me muted as you enter the Zoom meeting. Please keep your mic muted during the meeting until you’re ready to join the conversation.

When you’re ready to join the conversation, un-mute your microphone and join in.

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