HVRL / Cornell AgriTech In The Spotlight: 2019 Hudson Valley Orchard Donations to the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NY

Harvesting at the HVRL for the Regional Food Bank

Our regional farmers, many of which from multigenerational farm families, are dedicated to growing food to feed the world, locally, nationally and globally. They bless many by their dedication and sustained commitment to providing food for everyone.

With the help of New York’s generous farmers, volunteers and community partners, the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NY, for yet another year, carried fresh harvested apples from farms, manufacturers, and retailers to our neighbors in need. their mission is to seek out and help the people in need to build a path to a brighter, food-secure future.

The Hudson Valley Research Laboratory faculty and staff, along with dozens of Food Bank volunteers (Photo upper right) helped harvest from our research orchard, pack, stack and donate over 15,972 pounds of fresh apples in August and September 2019. All in support the efforts of the Hudson Valley Regional Food Bank and those folks in our communities in need. Thats a record for us at the lab!! Many of our HVRL farm member apple growers have also made significant contributions over the years in continuous support of our neighbors throughout the regions communities.

15,972 pounds of fresh apple contributed by the HVRL to local and regional food banks and pantries this season.

The Hudson Valley Regional Food Bank provides pallets, boxes and pick-up services, including tax deduction receipts with donation weights to each grower willing to donate.

Every donation you make helps to support the Hudson Valley Research Laboratory. Our many partnerships, whose mission includes food provision and development of a model in food equity to those in need in the Hudson Valley, provide significant support to the lab to help us with maintenance and operations of the facilities.

For more information about making an Industry/Farm donation, contact:
Carol Griffin
Food Industry Relations Coordinator
845-534-5344 x112

To schedule an Industry/Farm donation pick-up or delivery, contact:
Eddie Johnson
Acting Warehouse Manager
845-534-5344 x105

Producers have been providing for the poor for thousands of years, often in the form of a tithe. Please give this your consideration to help our neighbors less fortunate and in need of sustained food supply during the upcoming winter and spring as fresh food becomes harder to come by.

“Set aside a portion of our first fruit. You shall give it to the Levite, the foreigner, the fatherless and the widow, so that they may eat in your towns and be satisfied”. Deuteronomy 26:12