Cider & Perry Production – A Foundation Workshop Series: Begins Monday, May 6, 2019 at 8:00am to 5:00pm

More dates through May 10, 2019

Cornell AgriTech 150 Collier Drive, Geneva, NY 14456

Do you want to gain a broad understanding of cider & perry and acquire the main skills & knowledge necessary to make quality products? Then this is the class to attend!

Introduction & Class Goals
Chris Gerling, Extension Associate, Cornell University, aims to provide:
• A broad appreciation of the main styles of cider & perry, along with an understanding of the Cider Industry – including its historical development, its current position in the alcoholic drinks market and its future development
• Knowledge & understanding of the main principles & processes of cider and perry production
• Training in the practical skills necessary for the production of quality cider & perry

Class structure

This four day class involves hands-on practical lab work, lectures, workshops & cider tasting:
• A detailed step-by-step guide to cider & perry production
• An essential grounding in the chemistry & microbiology of cider & perry
• Practical training in the key skills of cider production and in the main methods of laboratory analysis

This class is also designed for individuals who wish to gain a recognized industry qualification – The Foundation Certificate in Cider & Perry Production.

For costs and additional information link to the CALS Website