2019 Cornell Guidelines Available.

Cornell Guidelines

The Cornell Guidelines (click link) offer the latest information on topics such as pest management, crop production, and landscape plant maintenance. Each title in the series is updated by Cornell University researchers and Extension specialists and is designed as a practical guide for: agricultural and horticultural crop producers; turf and landscape managers; crop consultants and industry advisers; Extension educators; Master Gardeners; and pesticide dealers.

Trade names used in the Cornell Guidelines are for convenience only. No endorsement of products is intended, nor is criticism of unnamed products implied.

Pesticide information in the Cornell Guidelines is not a substitute for pesticide labeling. Always read and understand the product label before using any pesticide.

Beginning with the 2015 series, Cornell Guidelines will be available in your choice of formats:

—Print Copies are spiral bound for ease of use, feature laminated covers for durability, and are updated annually. They are well suited for use in the field or office.

—Online Access versions can be viewed on any computer or mobile device (e.g., smart phone, tablet), contain hyperlinks to additional resources, and may be updated during the growing season. You will need to provide your own e-mail address when ordering the Online Access option; instructions for accessing the online version will be sent to your e-mail address from PMEPMaterials@cornell.edu. (This will be separate from the purchase confirmation e-mail you will receive from The Cornell Store.)

NOTE: Most Guideline titles are updated annually. Online access for a Guidelines title will expire when the new title becomes available. You can purchase online access to the new version at that time.

—If you find advantages in both the printed and online versions, you can choose the Bundle Print & Online option, in which you will get both versions of a Guidelines title for less than the cost of buying each separately. You will need to provide your own e-mail address when ordering the Bundle Print & Online option and gaining access to the online version will follow the procedure described above for the Online Access option.

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