Resource: Phytotoxicity Concerns When Tank Mixing. Diazinion and Captan.

Mixing formulations of diazinon or Danitol with Captan or Captec have caused crop injury in the past. Therefore, diazinon and Captan formulations should not be tank-mixed. This type of phytotoxicity results from either a direct interaction of the active ingredients or an interaction of the “inert” ingredients in one formulation that enhances the toxicity of the other one. (reference from Russ Holze and Dave Rosenberger from Fruit Notes, Volume 78, Summer, 2013 15)

An excellent reference should be read from Fruit Notes, Volume 78, Summer, 2013 15

Not Understanding Phytotoxicity Can Damage Your Bottom Line

Win Cowgill, Peter Oudamans, and Dan Ward
New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, Rutgers University

Dave Rosenberger
New York Agricultural Experiment Station, Cornell University