DEC Approves Special Local Needs (SLN) registration for Envidor 2 SC Available

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation recently approved a Special Local Needs (SLN) registration for Envidor 2 SC Miticide (SLN NY-140006, EPA Reg. No. 264-831). This registration allows Envidor use only on pome fruit for control of the following mites:

・ Apple rust mite
・ European red mite
・ McDaniel spider mite
・ Pacific spider mite
・ Pear rust mite
・ Twospotted spider mite

Please note the following related to this product:
・ This product is classified as restricted-use in New York State.
・ Sale and use in Nassau and Suffolk County are prohibited.
・ Aerial application is prohibited.
・ User must also follow all precautionary statements, applicable use directions, use precautions, and limitations of the label affixed to the Envidor 2 SC Miticide container.

A copy of both the approved SLN and primary product labels will be available shortly at the PIMS website (http://pims.psur.cornell.edu) under the “Special Registrations” link. Users must have a copy of this label and the primary product label in their possession at the time of application.